Marks and Spencer China Blue Talcum Powder


I had never been a regular talcum powder user, not on Natalie and not on myself. But on my recent trip to Serin Tagaytay’s Family Lounge, I found myself falling in love with Marks & Spencer China Blue Talcum Powder. There was a bottle of lotion and talcum powder for everyone’s consumption at the counter so before leaving the bathroom, I just thought of dusting it over my neck and arms. I loved the scent and the fresh feeling. I fell in love instantly. I had not used lotion and perfume since I gave birth. I don’t like the sticky feeling of lotion and the strong smell of perfume. I thought a talcum powder was a good alternative.

On my next visit to the mall, I made sure I go to M&S, I tried on different scents but I still went back to my first love. I went home with my first ever talcum powder!

I know this scent has been here for years but I can’t help but share with you my newest addiction haha! I dust it all over multiple times a day and it leaves me feeling oh so fresh! I make sure I use it before Hubby comes home at night. He also loves it and uses it on himself sometimes.

Although, I’m a sold out fan, I’d say one thing I don’t like is that the smell doesn’t last that long. But still, it is a great buy!! I got it for Php295 and this has been its price for years my friends!

Marks & Spencers has been a favorite for many years. I always visit their store whenever I see one in the mall. And since Christmas is coming, I’m sure I’d frequent this place to look out for Christmas gifts.

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